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Instagram and Vine fight for more respect from sports teams, marketers

Social media allows pro sports leagues and teams to communicate with fans in real time like never before. That open line of communication¬†has become so important, that many organizations have moved “social” to the forefront of their marketing strategy. Up to this point, there have been two “must have” platforms that pretty much every organization … Continue reading

How will the 2014 NCAA men’s basketball championship game fare in ratings?

Once again, it’s on! As the 2014 NCAA men’s basketball championship game gets underway, there is no doubt that sponsors, advertisers, and network executives will be anticipating how the program will perform for CBS in respect to the Nielsen ratings. How Nielsen TV ratings are determined Below is a chart that shows the trend in … Continue reading

Do Turner Sports Final Four Teamcasts show the future of big game broadcasts?

Do sports fans actually enjoy hearing biased commentary that favors “their team” during big game broadcasts? Turner Sports thinks that they might, which is why they’re unveiling its new Teamcast format for its first ever Final Four production this weekend. Chicago Tribune columnist Ed Sherman calls the concept¬†“the next phase in sports TV.” In his … Continue reading

White House unhappy about Samsung’s Ortiz-Obama selfie

Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz — Samsung’s newest “MLB social media insider” — got into a bit of hot water on Tuesday after snapping a selfie with President Obama, and then posting it to Twitter where Samsung shared the photo with its more than five million followers. It has since been retweeted from Ortiz’s … Continue reading


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